Our Values

We design the collection in a thoughtful and long-term manner. We want you to wear LW Pearl season after season. They are designed, not to be fashionable, but to be classic and beautiful. They will live in your wardrobe for years.  

We are seriously committed to creating a healthy working environment for everyone involved in their making, too. From the design room to the factory and to all the suppliers and services that support my brand. We work with them on a checklist of standards in terms of pay and conditions to ensure fairness for everyone. LW Pearl athleisure wear need to be produced in safe working environments. I am always working to ensure that the gorgeous garments are matched by an ethical behind the scenes story.

Standards are high and are constantly evolving and improving. 

We put a lot of effort in to making garments to a high standard. It’s our training and my on-the-job reality with LW Peal Atelier. We work with fabrics that don’t shrink, seams that stay closed and threads that stay threaded. That means they will look well and smart for years to come. It’s all part of our quality over quantity philosophy.