Machine Embroidery

Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Designs with Woven Labels, Machine Embroidery and Other Personal Touches with Our Support at LW Pearl Atelier

Add a touch of elegance to any of your projects with woven labels and machine embroidery. While hand embroidery is unique each time, machine embroidery is perfect when you want to have a series of dresses, shirts or other items come out identical each time. At LW Pearl Atelier, we’re working hard to produce the right pieces for people like you. We work with independent designers, famous brands and others to create one-off pieces and 10,000+ runs. We’re able to size up or down production to suit your project, making it the perfect time to come and work with us in inner Manhattan.

We know that the world is a little bit backwards right now, which is why it’s the perfect time to focus on art and design. Send your design to us, and we’ll work with it to produce a piece that is indicative of your style. We’ll help you choose woven labels or machine embroidery for pieces that need a special touch.

With our strong history of excellence, you can trust that our work is going to stand out among others. If you want to create a single piece for Fashion Week or just want to engage in a small run of a simple design, we’ll be here to help with the final touches. Give us a call today at 917-565-0522, so we can talk about the project that you’re planning. We love working with people like yourself, who are creative and eager to design. We’ll help you take your designs from the planning stage through production, so you can quickly turn around your final piece. Call today, and we’ll talk to you more about pricing, the timeline for production and other questions you may have.