Embroidery Shop Near Me

Are You Looking for a High-End Embroidery Shop Near Me? For On Site Embroidery in Manhattan, Call Us at LW Pearl Atelier

If you want to find an embroidery shop near me, then you can come to our Manhattan-based studio. Our on site embroidery services are quick and simple, so you’ll love being able to see your work come to life.

At LW Pearl Atelier, we're an embroidery and embellishment studio used by some of the major brands today. We focus on working with you on concepts, designs and technology. We are masters in our craft and can create machine- or hand-based embroidery. It is our goal to help you create a story with the embroidery you use on any project.

Here at LW Pearl Atelier, we are happy to help with editorial pieces, runway pieces and 10,000+ productions. We will start by talking to you about your design ideas. Then, we’ll work out how to produce it and show you a sample embellishment. If you’re satisfied with the sample, we can then create the final piece.

You can trust that our work is of the highest quality. We’ve worked with amazing brands such as EAU Club, Kenneth Cole, Christian Siriano and Dolce and Gabbana. We would love to work with you, too. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Vimeo to get up-to-date information on our services, discounts and other news. If you’re ready to submit a design to us or want to learn more, call us today at 917-565-0522. You may also want to send an email with more information about your project to l@lwpearl.Com. We are so excited to begin working with you! We’ll be here to help you create the perfect embellishments and embroidery for any project, whether it’s for a major line of clothing or a simple, one-off piece.