Embroidery Shop

Are You Looking for a Quality Embroidery Shop? For Embroidery New York Fashionistas Love, Call LW Pearl Atelier

At LW Pearl Atelier, we are an embroidery and embellishment studio focused on bringing your ideas to life. For embroidery New York fashion teams love, you can stop by our website and look at the latest concepts, designs and technology. We are masters in our craft and focus on both hand and machine embellishment. We believe that your embellishments and embroidery can tell a story and translate your concept into a pure, visual language.

What do we do? We create one-off editorial pieces, runway pieces and 10,000+ productions all within the heart of Manhattan. To start with, you’ll come to us with a concept, and we will talk about what you’re interested in producing. Then, we will talk about the kind of technology we can use to turn your idea into a real product. After this, we’ll review the final embellishment samples and make sure they’re ready for execution.

We know that this is a tough time for many people in New York, but we want you to know that we’re here to help with all your ideas. We’ll help you produce woven labels, vinyl, embroidery, crochet and hand beading and so much more. We are ready to help you create the perfect pieces for your work. We’ve worked with major brands such as EAU Club, Kenneth Cole, Christian Siriano and Dolce and Gabbana. We can work with you, too. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Vimeo to see more. Call us today to speak with us about our services at 917-565-0522. If you’d like, you can also fill out a contact form or email us at l@lwpearl.com. Our head designer, Laura Weber, would be happy to get in touch with you soon.