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Story behind the store!

THE BRAND - LW Pearl Athleisure

I am fortunate enough to create and develop beautiful embellishments for luxury brands every day. As the owner and manager of LW Pearl, I have worked with top designers and well-known talent to develop their creative vision and bring it to life in the form of beautiful stitching, beading and sewing.


I also live and work in NY - my atelier is in the garment district so I am constantly inspired and motivated. My work and personal lives are busy and that means I need

clothes that fit my lifestyle. Between running around Central Park, attending design meetings and meeting clients, I wanted to look polished and yet, practical. Some days that means athleisure wear.


I tried to find a collection that offered premium design and fit. Athleisure that looks good on the body, offers shape and support and also straddles that line between day wear and gym wear. I need to look professional and put together. I needed wearable everyday pieces with luxurious hints of embellishment to reflect a premium, yet affordable aesthetic.


Eventually, I designed my own collection. It took five years but in 2021 I feel ready to launch it.


LW Pearl lifestyle and athleisure brand includes core basics as well as  elevated pieces and stylish accessories. It has been developed over time and alongside my atelier business. It involved lots of  late nights at the office, zoom fittings, design meetings before sunrise, three wardrobes full of trial and errors and ten thousand photos, sketches and drawings.


However, I think it’s worth it and I hope you do too.


We have worked endlessly on fit and silhouette. Designs are flattering and clever. Seams have been designed and placed for easy tailoring and to enhance your body shape and look. It has all been designed and made with care and precision. It's a collection of  wearable everyday pieces with luxury hints of embellishment to reflect a premium, stylish aesthetic.


LW Pearl Athleisure wear  is made of layers. Our luxurious parka has three removable liners that you can pare down making it a coat for all seasons. Our sweaters are designed to fit beautifully under jackets. Cool leg warmers layer up with our leggings. Our body tops are layered with crop tops. Everything is beautiful but also functional. Our sunglasses are uber-cool but also offer high grade eye protection.


Sustainability is hugely important to me. As we put products out into the world, we question its purpose. As we contribute to a saturated industry, we want our product made with care and precision. We strive to have quality made rather than fast quantities. We produce our collection and treat our staff and partners in an ethical and sustainable way. Our long term goal is to develop a brand using innovative technology to cut down on waste and cut down on sampling. We currently  produce only what is ordered and are conscious of our footprint. We make fewer styles than lots of brands so we can focus on the quality and distinctive design of each piece.


Thanks for your interest and support for LW Pearl Athleisurewear.





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